Memphis Trolly

1/60sec 40mm f/8 ISO 200

1/60sec 40mm f/8 ISO 200

I can’t just show all of the photos of Memphis of random walls and doors, without showing something that is actually a staple of the city. This is one of the of trolly lines that runs through the downtown area. I was unsure about this photo at first because I didn’t like the way it came out. Luckily for me, I have a photo editing program, and that beaut is Lightroom. You all know my love for that program and have seen some of my before and after posts. This is going to be another one. I got a little creative with this one, and I feel I brought this photo to light. While I cannot fix some of my technical errs when I photographed this trolly, I was able to mask some of them and bring out other parts of the images. Below you can see the original photo. Click on it to see a larger image if you want to compare.

Day 329 Trolly original

I added some color, I cropped off some of the right side of the image, and some other changes that you should be able to pick out if you’ve been reading along all this time. As you can see, there was a pretty vast improvement from the original photograph. With a little time and effort, most duds can be made to shine.

I’ll also you leave you with a black and white version, and you can let me know which one you like better.

Until tomorrow.


Day 329 Trolly bw

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